5 Beauty Uses for Bicarbonate of Soda

My new go to beauty product is cheap, environmentally friendly and completely natural, plus it can be used 5 Beauty uses for Bicarbonate of Sodafor so many things.  You may find Bicarbonate of soda / Baking Soda in your pantry but did you know that it can be an excellent addition to your beauty regime. 

So here are my top 5 Beauty Uses for Bicarbonate of Soda

1.    Removing old spray tan

This is my preferred way to remove an old spray tan because it works so amazingly well.  Add 500g or thereabouts in to a warm bath and soak for 20 minutes, then scrub away with an exfoliating mitt.  It will also leave your skin super soft. 


Do not do this the day you are due to have a spray tan as it may leave a barrier on the skin and your new spray tan may not develop properly, the day before is best.

2.    Whiten teeth

My Nan used to clean her teeth with bicarb of soda and she was also the only one of my grandparents who did not have false teeth!  Anyway, use as a paste and gently brush your teeth to whiten your smile.


Do this every other day for a week or so and you will notice a difference.

3.    An excellent exfoliator

Make a paste with a little water and bicarb and use it to gently exfoliate your skin.  It’s also gentle enough to use on your face and wont strip the oils from your skin. 


This is also a great way to remove any old spray tan in the shower if you don’t have time to have a bath.

4.    Hair rinse

Bicarbonate of soda does an awesome job of removing excess product build up in your hair.  You can add around a teaspoon to your shampoo bottle or dissolve a teaspoon in water and saturate your hair with it then rinse off.

5.    Fantastic cleaner for make up brushes5 Beauty Uses for Bicarbonate of Soda / Baking Soda

Cleaning my makeup brushes is not on one my favourite jobs but a necessity to avoid skin irritation from any nasties that may be hiding in them.  Cleaning your brushes at least every month will prevent the spread of bacteria. 

Collect all your brushes and fill a small bowl with lukewarm water.  Dissolve 1 teaspoon of bicarb in the water and wash each brush until the water no longer appears dirty (you may need to change the water a few times depending on how many brushes you have). Rinse each brush thoroughly and let them dry… and you’re done… well until next month anyway!

I love this stuff and from now on its one of my must have products and has a firm place in my beauty routine.


  1. Thanks for the tips. I agree the stuff is like a cure all. I’ve used it for years on my teeth and I always get compliments on how White my teeth are. I dribble a bit of hydrogen peroxide on it the brush. It’s also great for bringing your body’s pH level back to alkalne vs. acidic and helps detox to lose weight. Just put a 1/4 tsp. In filtered h20 add lemon and down it first thing in am for boost in metabolism.

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