5 things to avoid after having a spray tan

So you’ve gone to the trouble of preparing your skin for a spray tan…exfoliating, scrubbing, shaving etc. so it makes sense that you would want to keep your tan looking flawless for as long as possible? YES!!!  

So, here are my top 5 things to avoid after having a spray tan.

1) Moisturising oil or other beauty products with a high oil content.

Oil based moisturisers, cleansers and sunscreens will unfortunately make your tan slide right off resulting in a streaky tan very quickly.

Try an oil free sunscreen spray.  A mist can be applied over make-up giving you the protection you need.

2) Anti-ageing and anti-acne products

These products are designed to exfoliate the skin and are not a spray tans friend.  Water based products are the best to use during the life of your tan. I highly recommend the use of moisturiser that is specifically made for the after care of a spray tan as the correct moisturiser will make your tan last so much longer.

Try a moisturiser that has been specifically made for spray tanners

3) Long hot baths or showers.

This is a no no as well as Exfoliating!  By all means have a long hot bath or shower if you are trying to remove a tan but avoid until the end of your spray tan.

4) Bar soaps and body products that contain sodium lauryl sulfates

Not only are they very drying on the skin they will fade your tan much more quickly.  Use a gentle body wash.  Be mindful too on how you remove your make-up and what you use… Steer clear of cleansing wipes and wash your face instead.

Try a body wash that is designed to cleanse the skin while extending the life of a spray tan.  Choose a body wash free from Sodium Lauryl Sulphates, a harsh foaming agent that strips the skin of it’s natural oils and reduces the lifespan of a spray tan.

5) Sweating during developing time

After  your spray tan has been applied avoid getting sweaty for at least 12-24 hours.  Sweating while exercising or sweating due to extreme warm weather could result in a streaky tan.  If you do have a tan when the weather is quite hot try to either keep cool in the air conditioning or in front of a fan for at least the first couple of hours.

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