6 Ways to have a great day

Today is going to be a great day

1. Get energised
Set your alarm 20 minuets earlier and get up and go for a run or a brisk walk outdoors before work or ditch the car and walk the kids to school. This will get your metabolism going energising you for the day.

2. Listen to some great music
Listen to some great feel good tunes on the way to work or while you’re preparing breakfast… it will pump you up and make you feel ready to tackle whatever the day will have in store.

3. Smile at everyone you meet
A warm smile and a friendly welcome go a long way. Studies show that smiling, even if there is no reason to do it, can lift up your mood.

4. Spread the love
Spend time with a loved one, give someone a hug or phone a friend that you haven’t spoken to in a while for a chat

5. Do a good deed
Doing something for somebody else is great for releasing feel good feelings… help the struggling Mum you see trying to get up the stairs with a stroller or wait that extra moment to hold the door open for someone or donate some much needed blood at your local Red Cross centre.

6. Be spontaneous
Sometimes doing something new or stepping out of your routine could make your day much more exciting.

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