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Happy Mothers Day

Wishing all my clients/mums the very best day – hoping all of you get spoilt today…

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Love is in the air…..

shutterstock_238325125 (1)It has been an amazing month for weddings here at Sun Splash….

Look no further than Sun Splash mobile tanning for your best wedding day glow. Sun Splash has fabulous packages for the bride to be and her wedding party, including a free trial.

It is so important to get the best tan that’s right for you on your wedding day. No two people naturally tan the same and so it should be with your spray tan. A spray tan should enhance your natural skin tone and colour. Every bride wants to look her best on her special day so here at Sun Splash we book in a free trial and consultation with the bride to determine what her needs are, what her skin tone is and importantly the colour of the wedding and bridesmaid dresses – all of which have an impact on what tones you will need in your tan. Included in your consultation is a step by step guide to planning your wedding beauty regime and the best time to tan before the big day.

Suns Splash mobile tanning makes it easy for the bride and her bridal party as we come to you! No waiting around in a salon or rushing home before you get wet or sweaty. All consultations, trials and spray tans are done in the comfort and convenience of your home at a time that suits the bride.

Valentines Day

Love is in the air.....

Book your spray tan in now for Valentines day this weekend!

Remember a spray tan is at its peak 48 hrs after applied…so for all you ladies wanting to be bronzed goddesses in your lingerie or that sexy dress for date night book now so you don’t miss out.


Spray tanning before your holiday

How to get a big boost of bikini confidenceHow to get a big boost of bikini confidence blog pic

Many of us head to warmer climates in the winter to chase the sun, many places that involve wearing a bikini… eeek!  If your skin is whiter than white then don’t fret treat yourself to a spray tan before you head off.  Here is everything you need to know to look beach babe ready.

Will I tan naturally through a spray tan?

Yes! BUT you will still need to protect your skin with an SPF.

So how to I prepare?

Book your appointment no more than 2 days before you are due to go away.

Prepare your skin by removing any old tan, exfoliating the skin thoroughly and completing any hair removal.

Will swimming in the pool or ocean affect my tan?

Ultra-Sheer.Mist-30-+-3DSwimming or prolonged periods in water will reduce the life of your tan by a few days than you would normally get out of one.  Chlorine is a major culprit and can strip a tan quicker than a dip in the ocean.  Instead opt for quick dips in the pool until you have achieved a natural tan.

Can I use any type of SPF with a spray tan?

Use an oil free sunscreen WHY because oil is a spray tans worst nightmare so choose an oil free product.

I recommend – Neutrogena Oil free Sunscreen spray

How can I stop my tan from fading too quickly?

Moisturise liberally and drink lots of water – Your tan will last longer on hydrated skin.  If you’re going to bake in the sun and swim in the pool your skin may dry out quicker than usual.  Stop this by moisturising twice a day.

Is there any thing I can do to prolong my tan?

Take a tan extender and apply every night towards the end of your break.  A tan extender is also great to use when you return home to maintain your glow.

How to Remove a Spray Tan

BATH1To achieve the best possible results from your spray tan you need to remove any old tan before getting a new one… I’m quite particular about this as not only can it make a new tan look patchy but it wont last as long or fade as evenly…Not something I like to see. Completely removing your old tan also avoids a build up on the skin, which could affect the colour of your new tan and may result in the dreaded orange hue.

The easiest way to remove a spray tan is really quite simple and the best bit is you get to relax for 20 minutes!

So, follow these steps to hassle free tan removal.

Step 1

Firstly, you need to soften the skin so it’s easier to exfoliate the tan off. The best way is to soak in the bath for 20 minutes. Dissolve 1 -2 cups of Epsom Salts, in the water as this will speed up the removal process. While you relax the Epsom Salts will exfoliate, draw out toxins, relax your muscles and lots of other fabulous benefits…. Winner!  I’ve also found that 2 – 3 cups of bicarbonate of soda works very well, if not better in removing an old spray tan.

Step 2

After you’ve soaked for 20 minuets your skin should be looking a bit wrinkly… great, now its time to scrub. Using a mitt specifically designed for this purpose is really your best option as it almost does the work for you without having to scrub your skin raw.

Tan Eraser Sun Splash Mobile TanningI recommend Vani-T’s Tan Eraser, fantastic for removing old tan, made from 100% natural fibres, which miraculously sloughs away dead skin cells easily and effortlessly. If you would like one either text me your order or purchase at your next appointment. 

The Tan Eraser is also perfect for assisting in cellulite reduction, minimising stretch marks and increasing circulation for radiant, glowing skin.


Step 3

Check your skin and you’re done!

The bath wont look pretty but this method works!


If you need to remove a tan prematurely or a very dark tan you may need a bit of extra help. 30 minutes before you have a bath apply baby oil or coconut oil to your body. Spray tan hates oil and this will make it even easier to remove.

However, BEWARE do not do this on the same day you have your new spray tan as any oil residue left on the skin could act as barrier affecting the development of the new tan. This step is best done at least 1 day before a spray tan applied.

Pre Tan preparation badge

Top 5 tips to make the spray tan on your face last longer

Do you find that the spray tan on your face doesn’t last a long as the rest of your bodBe your own kind of beautiful Sun SPlashy?

Our face tends to be the first place our beautiful tan fades, this is usually because we apply make-up and then we take it off again at the end of each day… or at least you should be!  I can usually get the spray tan on my face to last for around 7 days so here are my top 5 tips to keep your face looking sun kissed for longer.

1. Preparation is the key

Firstly, before your spray tan is applied you need to exfoliate your face thoroughly.  Spray tan loves a clean base free from dead skin.

There are many ways you can do this – gloves, scrubs and brushes.  Just remember your face only needs gentle exfoliating.  Work in circular motions avoiding the delicate skin around your eyes.

2. Check the products you’re using to remove make-up

Cleansers with high oil content or with exfoliators will strip your tan so avoid these during the life of your tan.

I find the best way to remove makeup is with good old-fashioned soap and water and by soap I don’t mean bar soap!  I use a small amount of body wash that is designed for use with a spray tan.  It is a gentle and effective cleanser that is free from Sulphates so it wont fade your tan.  Make sure that you rinse your face thoroughly so that no cleansing residue remains and blot your face dry with a clean towel.

Avoid the use of makeup removal wipes as the constant wiping of the skin could cause your tan to go streaky.

3. Give the toner a miss

Avoid toner during the life of your tan. Most toners these days contain exfoliators such as salicylic and fruit acids for anti-ageing.   However, if you want to remove a spray tan from your face then a toner is an easy way to remove the dead skin, which will in turn remove your tan.

4. Are you using the correct moisturiser? 

You need to use a moisturiser that is water based containing little or no oil.  Those containing mineral oil or high oil content will make your spray tan slide right off.  The same goes for anti-aging moisturiser and heavy night creams… leave these until after your tan has faded.

5. Use a Tan extender

Using a tan extender that contains the same solution as you were sprayed with is highly recommended.  They contain high quality ingredients that are designed to work perfectly with your spray tan.  Beware of some ‘off the shelf’ tan extenders or gradual tanners as some produce orange results and can clog the pores causing blackheads.

So, after you have removed your make up and dried your face thoroughly, apply some tan extender to your face and neck as you would normal moisturiser.  When your tan starts to fade applying tan extender every 2 days should give you just the boost you need.  Don’t forget to wash your hands after you have applied it.

5 things to avoid after having a spray tan

So you’ve gone to the trouble of preparing your skin for a spray tan…exfoliating, scrubbing, shaving etc. so it makes sense that you would want to keep your tan looking flawless for as long as possible? YES!!!  

So, here are my top 5 things to avoid after having a spray tan.

1) Moisturising oil or other beauty products with a high oil content.

Oil based moisturisers, cleansers and sunscreens will unfortunately make your tan slide right off resulting in a streaky tan very quickly.

Try an oil free sunscreen spray.  A mist can be applied over make-up giving you the protection you need.

2) Anti-ageing and anti-acne products

These products are designed to exfoliate the skin and are not a spray tans friend.  Water based products are the best to use during the life of your tan. I highly recommend the use of moisturiser that is specifically made for the after care of a spray tan as the correct moisturiser will make your tan last so much longer.

Try a moisturiser that has been specifically made for spray tanners

3) Long hot baths or showers.

This is a no no as well as Exfoliating!  By all means have a long hot bath or shower if you are trying to remove a tan but avoid until the end of your spray tan.

4) Bar soaps and body products that contain sodium lauryl sulfates

Not only are they very drying on the skin they will fade your tan much more quickly.  Use a gentle body wash.  Be mindful too on how you remove your make-up and what you use… Steer clear of cleansing wipes and wash your face instead.

Try a body wash that is designed to cleanse the skin while extending the life of a spray tan.  Choose a body wash free from Sodium Lauryl Sulphates, a harsh foaming agent that strips the skin of it’s natural oils and reduces the lifespan of a spray tan.

5) Sweating during developing time

After  your spray tan has been applied avoid getting sweaty for at least 12-24 hours.  Sweating while exercising or sweating due to extreme warm weather could result in a streaky tan.  If you do have a tan when the weather is quite hot try to either keep cool in the air conditioning or in front of a fan for at least the first couple of hours.

Sun Splash’s Top 4 spray tan myths

Myth 1 – A spray tan will turn me orange

Oh the amount of times I have heard this… a professionally applied spray tan using good quality tanning solution will not turn you in to an oopha lumpa.  UV free tanning solutions have come a long way since the days of orange stained skin. Most solutions contain naturally derived ingredients and are amazing at giving that healthy sun kissed glow.

Myth 2 – A double coat of solution will make me go darker

The skin will only absorb so much solution.  Having a double coat will leave you feeling sticky and you could risk developing a patchy tan. Using a good solution in the right shade for your skin tone you will only ever need one coat.

However, if you are a body builder or performer who requires a very dark tan then a second or third coat can be applied with at least a day in between applications.MC900433239

Myth 3 – A spray tan will protect me from the sun

A spray tan will make you look fabulous in a bikini but it does not contain any UV protection and you should therefore apply before heading out in the sun.  You will need to use an oil free sunscreen while wearing your spray tan as oily sunscreen could strip your tan.

Myth 4 – Using any moisturiser will prolong the life of my tan

No no no! To get the most out of your spray tan you should avoid oil and oil-based moisturisers.  Ingredients like AHAs, retinol and sodium Lauryl Sulfate can damage the colour and cause uneven fading.   Stick with a water based moisturiser or better yet use after care products specifically designed to work with/and prolong your tan.

Sun Splash carries a range of luscious tan friendly products from Body wash to moisturiser.

Technician of the Week by Techno Tan

I recently entered Techno Tan’s spray tan awards and won Best Presented Mobile Operator… very proud of myself!

Spray tan awards

Spray tan awards

This week I have been featured on the Techno Tan Blog as Technician of the Week… yay!

When the TechnoTan panel was choosing the winner of Best Presentation for Mobile Operators, Kaz and Sun Splash Mobile Tanning was a clear choice!

Kaz has developed a striking logo and excellent branding, which she keeps consistent in all areas of her business. Everything from her website, to her signage, to her equipment says ‘high quality and professional’.

‘I pride myself on how I present my business to the world,’ she says. ‘Being a mobile operator I don’t have a store front, so my website is my shop front! My car and the spray tanning kit are the ‘salon’ so it’s imperative that it’s always clean and professionally presented!’

Kaz is also talented in the area of customer care, not only does she check in with customers regularly and keep detailed customer record cards she also engages with her customers through a traditional media newsletter and an interactive social media blog!

If you’re on the Northern Beaches area of Sydney, NSW then Sun Splash Mobile Tanning will bring a tan and a professional touch to you!  Read more

Thank you Techno Tan!



Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Sun Splash Mobile Spray Tan

1. It’s so Convenient

  • You don’t need to leave the house and there is no need to find a babysitter!
  • No more trudging to the salon barefaced, wearing your dodgy clothes and hoping you don’t bump in to anyone you know.
  • Sun Splash Mobile Tanning is open evenings and weekends 7 days a week.

2. Its 10 minutes to Fabulous

  • You will get a natural, flawless golden tan individually suited to your skin tone and professionally applied by our qualified technician in just 10 minutes.
  • There is something about being tanned that just makes you feel instantly beautiful, more confident and super sexy.  Sun kissed and sexy the healthy way!

 3.  It’s Clean it’s Quality it’s Safe

  • All of Sun Splash’s equipment and pop-up spray tan tent is cleaned on a regular basis ensuring no mess at your place.
  • Sun Splash Mobile Tanning uses the highest quality natural spray tan solutions and products available on the market.
  • Spray tanning is the safest way to achieve bronzed and beautiful skin.  By basking in the sun you risk harming your skin and/or causing premature aging.

4.   It’s Comfortable

  • Stripping off in front of a stranger is hard enough but in a crowded salon it’s even worse.  Having a spray tan done in the privacy of your own home makes getting naked a whole lot easier.
  • Sun Splash Mobile Tanning provides a professional and friendly service and once your spray tan has been applied you can sit back and relax in the comfort of your own boudoir.

5.   It’s Fun

  • Get that golden glow in a group at your place.  Its so much fun getting the girls together, opening a bottle of wine and getting spray tanned.  Group bookings are great as the more people you have tanning the cheaper it is.  Host a Sun Splash spray tan party and you could get your tan FREE!
  • A Sun splash spray tan party is great for  – weddings, hen dos, birthdays, special occasions or just a simple get together. Click here for further details….

Happy Tanning!


Top 5 tips for preparing for your Sun Splash spray tan

To achieve the best possible results from your Sun Splash spray tan, follow these top 5 tips.

1. Hair removal

Complete all required hair removal prior to treatment – 24 hours before is ideal. This needs to be done 24 beforehand to allow time for the pores to close properly. Why? If you have a spray tan too close to shaving / waxing and your pores are open it could cause the tanning solution to get trapped and leave a spotty effect on the skin.

2. Remove any old tan

The best way to do this is to have a bath! Soak in the bath for 10 minutes and using a Tan Eraser mitt (available through Sun Splash Mobile Tanning) rub your skin until all the old tan has been removed.  Once out of the bath use a dry towel to rub off any stubborn bits of remaining tan.

Tan Eraser Sun Splash Mobile Tanning3. Exfoliate

Shower and exfoliate your skin – this is very important to remove all dead skin and provide a clean base. Exfoliating properly with ensure a longer lasting result. Try not to shower straight before having your spray tan as your skin will need time to cool down.  If this is unavoidable then finish your shower with a burst of clod water.  Click here for further information

4. Clean skin

Before your spray tan – DO NOT apply moisturizer, make-up, deodorant or perfume as this may act as a barrier and your tan may not develop properly.

5. Clean teeth

If you are having a spray tan before bed, clean your teeth before getting your tan done… this way you wont risk rubbing any solution off from around your mouth.