How to Remove a Spray Tan

BATH1To achieve the best possible results from your spray tan you need to remove any old tan before getting a new one… I’m quite particular about this as not only can it make a new tan look patchy but it wont last as long or fade as evenly…Not something I like to see. Completely removing your old tan also avoids a build up on the skin, which could affect the colour of your new tan and may result in the dreaded orange hue.

The easiest way to remove a spray tan is really quite simple and the best bit is you get to relax for 20 minutes!

So, follow these steps to hassle free tan removal.

Step 1

Firstly, you need to soften the skin so it’s easier to exfoliate the tan off. The best way is to soak in the bath for 20 minutes. Dissolve 1 -2 cups of Epsom Salts, in the water as this will speed up the removal process. While you relax the Epsom Salts will exfoliate, draw out toxins, relax your muscles and lots of other fabulous benefits…. Winner!  I’ve also found that 2 – 3 cups of bicarbonate of soda works very well, if not better in removing an old spray tan.

Step 2

After you’ve soaked for 20 minuets your skin should be looking a bit wrinkly… great, now its time to scrub. Using a mitt specifically designed for this purpose is really your best option as it almost does the work for you without having to scrub your skin raw.

Tan Eraser Sun Splash Mobile TanningI recommend Vani-T’s Tan Eraser, fantastic for removing old tan, made from 100% natural fibres, which miraculously sloughs away dead skin cells easily and effortlessly. If you would like one either text me your order or purchase at your next appointment. 

The Tan Eraser is also perfect for assisting in cellulite reduction, minimising stretch marks and increasing circulation for radiant, glowing skin.


Step 3

Check your skin and you’re done!

The bath wont look pretty but this method works!


If you need to remove a tan prematurely or a very dark tan you may need a bit of extra help. 30 minutes before you have a bath apply baby oil or coconut oil to your body. Spray tan hates oil and this will make it even easier to remove.

However, BEWARE do not do this on the same day you have your new spray tan as any oil residue left on the skin could act as barrier affecting the development of the new tan. This step is best done at least 1 day before a spray tan applied.

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