Spray tanning before your holiday

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Many of us head to warmer climates in the winter to chase the sun, many places that involve wearing a bikini… eeek!  If your skin is whiter than white then don’t fret treat yourself to a spray tan before you head off.  Here is everything you need to know to look beach babe ready.

Will I tan naturally through a spray tan?

Yes! BUT you will still need to protect your skin with an SPF.

So how to I prepare?

Book your appointment no more than 2 days before you are due to go away.

Prepare your skin by removing any old tan, exfoliating the skin thoroughly and completing any hair removal.

Will swimming in the pool or ocean affect my tan?

Ultra-Sheer.Mist-30-+-3DSwimming or prolonged periods in water will reduce the life of your tan by a few days than you would normally get out of one.  Chlorine is a major culprit and can strip a tan quicker than a dip in the ocean.  Instead opt for quick dips in the pool until you have achieved a natural tan.

Can I use any type of SPF with a spray tan?

Use an oil free sunscreen WHY because oil is a spray tans worst nightmare so choose an oil free product.

I recommend – Neutrogena Oil free Sunscreen spray

How can I stop my tan from fading too quickly?

Moisturise liberally and drink lots of water – Your tan will last longer on hydrated skin.  If you’re going to bake in the sun and swim in the pool your skin may dry out quicker than usual.  Stop this by moisturising twice a day.

Is there any thing I can do to prolong my tan?

Take a tan extender and apply every night towards the end of your break.  A tan extender is also great to use when you return home to maintain your glow.

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