Technician of the Week by Techno Tan

I recently entered Techno Tan’s spray tan awards and won Best Presented Mobile Operator… very proud of myself!

Spray tan awards

Spray tan awards

This week I have been featured on the Techno Tan Blog as Technician of the Week… yay!

When the TechnoTan panel was choosing the winner of Best Presentation for Mobile Operators, Kaz and Sun Splash Mobile Tanning was a clear choice!

Kaz has developed a striking logo and excellent branding, which she keeps consistent in all areas of her business. Everything from her website, to her signage, to her equipment says ‘high quality and professional’.

‘I pride myself on how I present my business to the world,’ she says. ‘Being a mobile operator I don’t have a store front, so my website is my shop front! My car and the spray tanning kit are the ‘salon’ so it’s imperative that it’s always clean and professionally presented!’

Kaz is also talented in the area of customer care, not only does she check in with customers regularly and keep detailed customer record cards she also engages with her customers through a traditional media newsletter and an interactive social media blog!

If you’re on the Northern Beaches area of Sydney, NSW then Sun Splash Mobile Tanning will bring a tan and a professional touch to you!  Read more

Thank you Techno Tan!



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