Sun Splash’s Top 4 spray tan myths

Myth 1 – A spray tan will turn me orange

Oh the amount of times I have heard this… a professionally applied spray tan using good quality tanning solution will not turn you in to an oopha lumpa.  UV free tanning solutions have come a long way since the days of orange stained skin. Most solutions contain naturally derived ingredients and are amazing at giving that healthy sun kissed glow.

Myth 2 – A double coat of solution will make me go darker

The skin will only absorb so much solution.  Having a double coat will leave you feeling sticky and you could risk developing a patchy tan. Using a good solution in the right shade for your skin tone you will only ever need one coat.

However, if you are a body builder or performer who requires a very dark tan then a second or third coat can be applied with at least a day in between applications.MC900433239

Myth 3 – A spray tan will protect me from the sun

A spray tan will make you look fabulous in a bikini but it does not contain any UV protection and you should therefore apply before heading out in the sun.  You will need to use an oil free sunscreen while wearing your spray tan as oily sunscreen could strip your tan.

Myth 4 – Using any moisturiser will prolong the life of my tan

No no no! To get the most out of your spray tan you should avoid oil and oil-based moisturisers.  Ingredients like AHAs, retinol and sodium Lauryl Sulfate can damage the colour and cause uneven fading.   Stick with a water based moisturiser or better yet use after care products specifically designed to work with/and prolong your tan.

Sun Splash carries a range of luscious tan friendly products from Body wash to moisturiser.

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