Top 5 tips for preparing for your Sun Splash spray tan

To achieve the best possible results from your Sun Splash spray tan, follow these top 5 tips.

1. Hair removal

Complete all required hair removal prior to treatment – 24 hours before is ideal. This needs to be done 24 beforehand to allow time for the pores to close properly. Why? If you have a spray tan too close to shaving / waxing and your pores are open it could cause the tanning solution to get trapped and leave a spotty effect on the skin.

2. Remove any old tan

The best way to do this is to have a bath! Soak in the bath for 10 minutes and using a Tan Eraser mitt (available through Sun Splash Mobile Tanning) rub your skin until all the old tan has been removed.  Once out of the bath use a dry towel to rub off any stubborn bits of remaining tan.

Tan Eraser Sun Splash Mobile Tanning3. Exfoliate

Shower and exfoliate your skin – this is very important to remove all dead skin and provide a clean base. Exfoliating properly with ensure a longer lasting result. Try not to shower straight before having your spray tan as your skin will need time to cool down.  If this is unavoidable then finish your shower with a burst of clod water.  Click here for further information

4. Clean skin

Before your spray tan – DO NOT apply moisturizer, make-up, deodorant or perfume as this may act as a barrier and your tan may not develop properly.

5. Clean teeth

If you are having a spray tan before bed, clean your teeth before getting your tan done… this way you wont risk rubbing any solution off from around your mouth.


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